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Guide to remove BIOS password of Acer computer (Both Laptop & Desktop).

Guide to remove BIOS password of Acer computer (Both Laptop & Desktop).

BIOS password remove alternatives:

1. Reset Password BIOS via Backdoor BIOS Password.
2. Reset Password BIOS via Software.
3. Reset Password BIOS via hardware.
4. Reset Password BIOS via default manufacturers.

OK, here is my guide to Remove Acer Bios password computer via Software. This has been done on testing machine Laptop Acer Aspire 3620/ Travel Mate 2420. Anyway, I'm not sure it will work on every Acer PC/Laptop so just consider to do at your own risk, I’m not responsible for any damages caused by this guide.

As we know most of Acer computer (Laptop & Desktop) allow us to setup BIOS in Microsoft Windows (9x/XP/Vista) environment. Great, this is the powerful that help us to remove the BIOS password cuz all we know if we enter Setup Utility at the boot time we have only three times of filling the password and if all wrong then the system will halt.

The program helps us to enter Acer BIOS setup in Microsoft Windows is “Acer eSettings Management” which comes with the CD when we buy Acer PC/Laptop. If you lost the CD then just come to Acer website to download the program.

Before you can install “Acer eSettings Management” you have to install program called: “Acer Empowering Technology” so you’d better to download both of them from Acer website and install & restart your computer to be ready for the job. Here is the link of Acer website, just come there and sellect right series/model of your computer to download these programs:

Another one program is also very important we will need called: “CmosPwd” - CmosPwd is a cmos/bios password recovery tool. CmosPwd is under GNU Public License. You can freely distribute it. It can be compiled under Dos, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Download it here:

Guide to install CmosPwd and remove password:

1. Download & extract to a folder. I put it in drive D like this: d:\ cmos
2. To work on cmos memory, ioperm need to be installed and running. ioperm gives direct port I/O access for specified ports to user-mode process (ring 3) using Ke386SetIoAccessMap and Ke386IoSetAccessProcess kernel functions.

Log on to Windows as Administrator priviledges and do as follow: (see picture):

a. Click Start-->Run: type CMD hit Enter on your keyboard.
b. now us the CD command of Dos to come to d:\cmos\windows. (here is: d: hit enter; cd cmos hit enter; cd windows hit enter).
c. when you are already in d:\cmos\windows in drive D then: type “ioperm.exe –i” hit enter.
d. to start ioperm service: type “net start ioperm” hit enter.
e. ok, type: “Cmospwd_win.exe /k” hit enter, we will see:

1 - Kill cmos
2 - Kill cmos (try to keep date and time)
0 - Abort
Choice :

Type 1 and hit Enter to clear cmos.

Works with the following BIOS also:

* AMI WinBIOS 2.5
* Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0
* Compaq (1992)
* Compaq (New version)
* IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad)
* Packard Bell
* Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev 1.13.1107
* Phoenix 4 release 6 (User)
* Gateway Solo - Phoenix 4.0 release 6
* Toshiba
* Zenith AMI

f. run the Acer eSettings Management program: start-->program-->Acer Empower Technology-->Acer eSettings Management.

g. now come to the: Bios Password to see: if you still see password enable, that means we fail but if we see they are Disable so we are done. Remember if we success remove password then we have to create a password for it and then remove it and click Apply to save to cmos memory. This is very important because sometimes we see it Disable but when reboot the computer they are Enable again cuz the password is still in the CMOS.

That’s all, good luck & don’t forget to set an easy password later.


Browse Free with Etisalat Blackberry Plan

Etisalat free browsing is now available to any etisalat subscibers especially those on the easyclick package. This cheat has been working for me for the past 10 days now and my downloads has been unlimited. This etisalat free browsing cheat is working on PC and Phone (of nay kind). To browse with your Etisalat Nigerian Sim Card for only #100 blackberry subscription which will last till one month or more, you have to follow the instructions below.

1.     Recharged your Etisalat Sim Card with #100.

2.    Type in following code to subscribe for a one day BB Subscription Plan.


*You will be prompted a message which will inform you that:
"Your request will Processe Shortly"

Wait while you are welcomed for the one day BB subscription (they will send you a message). Then remove your phone battery and put it back after few seconds. Know the configuration:

Phone Configuration:
For Java users, Go to xmlprov and create a DNS prov file with the below settings. But for Symbian Users, just do all the configuration manually.

- APN:



- Dns Address 2:

- Port: 8080

- Username and Password: Leave Empty and generate your Prov.

This etisalat free browsing cheat works for all application like the Any Opera, ebuddy, shmessenger. Just browse for free and download while it last.

Modem Configuraton for PC User
Now, if you are connecting from your Modem or connecting with your Nokia Pc Suit or Nokia Ovi, use the below DNS settings.

- APN:

- Access number or Dial up Number: *99#

- Username and Passwors: Blank

- Go to Advance in your Modem Profile Management and input the below DNS to

- Primary DNS:

- Secondary DNS:

- Save your setting and try to connect.

That's all about this post. If you encounter any difficulty during the configuration, feel free to leave a reply for us and we will provide the solution as soon as possible....Thanks for reading this post....

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Six Windows 8 enhancements that will benefit the business

Takeaway: Although he remains skeptical that Windows 8 will be an immediate hit with the enterprise, Scott Lowe outlines eight features that he thinks will be good for business.
Although I remain skeptical that Windows 8 will be an immediate hit with the enterprise, there are some goodies coming in the new operating system that should appeal to the IT department.  Here, I will outline eight such features and explain why I think they’re good for business.

Windows To Go

You might be sick of hearing about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, but it seems to be growing in popularity, with some pundits even going so far as to say that it could wipe out the need for an IT department.  I am not one of those pundits.  I believe that BYOD is too important to ignore, but believe that IT has a critical role to play, even in that movement.
Microsoft might be on to something here, though.  With Windows To Go, a feature of the upcoming Windows 8 Enterprise, allows Windows 8 to be run from a USB stick on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 system.  Now, organizations can provide those that need to use personal devices with a corporate Windows image in a way that’s accessible.
Perhaps the downside here is that Windows To Go is that it requires Software Assurance in order to obtain Windows To Go use rights to use it at work and on a home PC.  Further, Microsoft is introducing a new “companion license,” employees can use Windows To Go on a personal device in the office.

Improved Task Manager

Not every improvement in Windows 8 is going to be immediately visible to the user.  Some items will be behind the scenes, but will improve the overall support function.  Once such tool is the lowly Task Manager, which hasn’t gotten a lot of love over the years.  Sure, Microsoft added the new Resource Monitor tool, which is fantastic, but with Windows 8, Microsoft has given Task Manager itself a huge functional facelift, making it much more useful and adding Metro application information.  My TechRepublic colleague, Rick Vanover, gave the new Task Manager a full walkthrough a few months ago, so I won’t repeat it all here, but have included a couple of updated screenshots below.

Figure A

The new Task Manager in action

Figure B

How Metro apps appear in Task Manager

Secure Boot

Security is always a consideration in the enterprise.  Windows 8 adds a new feature called Secure Boot, a feature which disallows the loading of unauthorized firmware, operating systems, and drivers at boot time.  For x86 versions of Windows 8, Microsoft will require that vendors adding Secure Boot capabilities to their UEFI (as opposed to BIOS) systems also make provisions for users to be able to disable Secure Boot.  For Windows RT (ARM)-based Windows 8, manufacturers will not be allowed to disable Secure Boot.

Hyper-V on the desktop

Although not revolutionary since hypervisors such as VMware Workstation and Virtual PC have been around for years, Microsoft’s decision to fully bake Hyper-V into the Windows 8 client could have enterprise benefits.  Hyper-V is far more capable than type 2 hypervisors that were available before on the client side and may be a boon for developers that need to run multiple operating systems.
Hyper-V on a Windows 8 desktop requires systems with processors that support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) and with enough resources to run multiple operating systems.


SMB 3 is another behind the scenes improvement.  But, when fully implemented, it’s one that users will probably come to appreciate.  SMB 3 brings to the table major performance and feature improvements.  SMB 3 also boasts encryption in transit and other features, including a new feature known as SMB multichannel. This allows the system to use multiple network channels, increasing overall throughout and adding fault tolerance to the environment.
Another colleague of mine, Stephen Foskett, has written a definitive guide to what’s new in SMB 3.  It’s worth a read.

Improved multi monitor support

Although Microsoft estimates the percentage of Windows users with multiple monitor installations in the low double-digits, for those people (myself included), multiple monitor support has often been frustrating, requiring add-ons in order for things to work as expected.  For example, in my three-monitor setup, the taskbar appears on only one monitor.  While this isn’t a huge problem, it is a frustration.  Windows 8 adds, for example, a multiple monitor taskbar and the ability to have different backgrounds on each display.  While the background images won’t matter much, having the taskbar across all assets will make life a bit easier for the 13.48% of desktop-based power users that use two displays.  My ZDnet colleague, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, goes in depth into the new multi-monitor support in Windows 8.


I’ve been extremely concerned about some changes that Microsoft has made to Windows 8, namely the removal of the Start button and some window management challenges I see with Metro.  However, as I start to use it more, I’m beginning to warm to it, but still believe that Microsoft needs to listen to their audience before the final product ships.  That said, there are a number of business-friendly features that may be compelling for the enterprise user and administrator.

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Why you Should Go for SEO

SEO Search engine optimization
When you have recently launched an online business then probably you need something that can help you in spreading awareness of services and products regarding your online business among the users of internet so that you can hike your sales very easily. There is lot of alternatives for this but going for a process called Search Engine Optimization is the wise decision for you.

Bring Traffic for the Website

The SEO helps in keeping the website on the top of a specific result and there is no doubt that when a website is at the top of the search more and more people visit on the website and when there is a huge traffic on the website one can hike the sale of the business and also make the website familiar among the people. Generally this is considered as one of the easiest way for getting traffic on the website. When there is no traffic on the website the online business has a strong probability of being fail and thus going for search engine optimization is always better.

Help cutting down the present and future cost

There are lots of people who think that going for Search engine optimization for the business is something for which they have to pay a big sum of money but the overall cost of hiring an SEO service doesn’t going to affect your budget. Generally advertisements are something that are preferred by the newly launched business but advertisements has drawback that they have high cost as one has to advertise on a lot of platforms while on the other hand search engine optimization is something that has low cost. When a business go for SEO it helps in cutting its future cost because SEO is something that is a long period process and it doesn’t have a probability of being fail in the future. When business owners go for this they can very easily save their future cost that they have to spend on the advertisements etc.

Maintain good relation among the clients and business

Directly or indirectly the SEO process contributes for an online business in maintaining good business relations with the clients. Generally when an online business prefers SEO probably the website becomes famous among users of the internet and once they avail the services from the website they probably come back if they are offered the best quality and this is the reason that somewhere the SEO also contributes in maintaining excellent relations among business owners and the clients.


    • The overall cost of search engine optimization service is not much higher.
    • It plays a significant role in attracting more and more traffic towards a website.
    • Any kind of website can get great publicity in a very short period of time through the search engine optimization.
    • Search engine optimization is something for which one doesn’t have to pay much effort and favorable outcome comes immediately after going for this.
    • Many times the overall sales and services offered by an online business depend upon the SEO.
    • Going for SEO can help in knowing the quality of the website and some other important factors of the business.

Find Or Wipe Your Android Phone Remotely Using Android Lost [2.2+]

Android phone. That, or maybe you have once lost your Android and you now wish to have a better plan in place to find it, erase things and disable it, if it happens again. Once you get thinking about these things you realise there’s a few good options out there, but it’s still worth knowing which ones are the best and why. Here’s one of the best I’ve seen yet.
Android Lost (for Android 2.2+) is an extremely well thought-out application. If your phone is lost, this will do the trick for all of your security needs: you can locate the phone by GPS, wipe your phone, erase your SD card, forward your calls, start an alarm, lock your phone, lock your SIM card and more. Basically, you get all the possible tools available to find your phone, secure it from prying eyes or wipe all data altogether. Top that with the fact that you can install this application from the Android Market and use most features AFTER you’ve lost the phone, makes this a killer application.

Get Started

Install Android Lost from the Android Market and then you’ll be able to control it from the Android Lost website by logging in with your Google login. This is a neat way to ensure the right phone is being controlled remotely.
best android lost phone wipe free

Register the phone by either starting the application on your phone or by sending an SMS with the message “androidlost register” to your phone. Once both of these steps are completed, you’ll see a “congratulations” message pop up on the website, letting you know you’re now remotely connected to your phone.
If you want to be able to do a remote lock or wipe your phone you must install this in advance and verify that you wish the application to “request administrator rights”. If you’re unsure of leaving this power in the hands of an application accessed by a Google login, there’s no reason to give it administrator rights. Just click “exit” here instead.
remotely wipe an android
Also note that Android Lost is still in beta and the website is working on function rather than form at this stage.

Find Your Phone

All of Android Lost’s features can be controlled with the Control page.
If you’ve just lost your phone, the first thing you’d want to check is if it’s nearby. If your phone’s on silent you’ll never hear it when you call, but using Android Lost you can start the alarm sounding, which will work even if the phone’s on silent. Handy!
remotely wipe an android
Next, you might try sending your phone’s GPS location to your phone. You can also toggle the GPS and WiFi settings on some handsets using this application, but these functions aren’t part of the official API and might not work on all phones. If your phone is one which can’t use remote GPS and Wi-Fi toggles, check out the SMS commands available in the security controls. You can also send the phone’s status to your email, including the battery level and IMEI number.
You might also decide it’s worth leaving a pop-up message for the person who has found your phone. This is perfect if you think you’re still fairly close nearby or it’s not likely to be left anywhere dangerous.
remotely wipe an android

Getting Your Messages & Calls While The Phone Is Lost

Another extremely useful feature is that you can get your last 10 SMS messages sent to your email. If you know your phone operator’s forwarding keys you can also set your phone up to forward your calls to another number. If you were planning to meet people or have something urgent you’ve been waiting for, this is a lifesaver.

Locking & Wiping Your Phone Remotely

The most paranoid security feature is the remote wipe. Paradoxically, if you’re going to be paranoid enough to remotely wipe your phone you’re probably also likely to be paranoid enough to have not given Android Lost the administrator rights to do so earlier on. It’s tough, but who do you trust least? Android Lost? People who might use Android Lost with your Google login? Or the people who have found or stolen your phone? Your choice. Decide before you lose your phone!
best android lost phone wipe free