Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I took my time to do serious research on this ISPCE before publishing it here because of the love we ‘FREEFSURF’ have for people who always visit our site to search for things they need to help me life easier.
This free browsing package is easy to use.
There is no complex configurations.
It opens both http and secured sites (SSL).
It is fast, independent and requires other applications like Microsoft frame network and Java to work.

     2. After downloading this amazing file run/open/launch it and it will extract itself into a default folder named LATEST BROWSING PACKAGE_BY_Dr. LARCO
 It is a self extracting achieves and, therefore requires no additional software to extract. It also has customized stamp on it to the credit of the author.

     3. inside the extracted folder you will see two separate folders-"ISPCE+MTN_Configuration" and "Proxifier+ISPCE_Configuration".

      4. The folder "ISPCE+MTN_Configuration" contains the main tunneler software known as ISPCE (Don't ask us the full meaning!) and its configuration file for MTN.

     5. Run the "ISPCE-2.2.101_setup" file to install, and copy the "MTN.cfg" file to your installation directory. Example( MyComputer=> Local Drive C=> Program files=> ISPCE)

     6. Now, run/open the ISPCE program you installed, and on the main interface, click File=> Load Config File. Select MTN.cfg  file from the directory window that comes up and click Load. Back to the main interface click File=> Save Default Setting to save the MTN configuration setting.

     7. The folder Proxifier+ISPCE_Configuration contains Proxifier and its configuration for ISPCE. 

     8. Run the ProxifierSetup to install it, and get serial to activate it. Then, copy the configuration file for "ISPCE" to the installation directory to e.g (MyComputer=> Local Drive C=> Program files=> Proxifier) .

       9. Now, run/open the Proxifier program you installed, and on the main interface, click File=> and also click Load Settings. Then, browse to your installation directory and Select ISPCE file and click Open to load the setting.

       Proxifier serves to fire ISPCE for speed and stability. It also helps you to use all your applications without setting them to use proxy (i.e Direct connection).
      10. Make sure both ISPCE and Proxifier are running concurrently.
Enjoy your browsing experience with super speed using ISPCE+Proxifier Package
                     I am currently running this browsing package with ETISALAT. Please inform us here if you notice anything wrong on this package. We are here to serve you better.
Try this settings with a minimum of #1:00 in your MTN line.
 1. Download the ISPCE configuration file from here
 2. After download, Open your ISPCE and load the configuration file and save it as a default configuration on your ISPCE
3. Now, Open your proxifier as usual start browsing with speed without using any proxy on your applications.
 Note: Disable Automatic updates on your pc to enhance your browsing speed.

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Anonymous says:

my man how do i config it for etisalat to work and its still remove money and how do i config browser to work with it?

Anonymous says:

pls mail me elibigboy2007@yahoo.com

Emmanuel says:

Alright, i will update u about the latest. just subscribe for our email newsletter so that u can be updated anytime we update the site

Anonymous says:

pls any one home

Emmanuel Adeniyi says:

Am still work on it..i will post the working tweak with Glo network very soon

learnfree says:

abeg we need the working one nice post

Anonymous says:

went tru de process but can't even open a page. Help

Anonymous says:

whats the latest config settings for Orange free internet BW ?? turbohide server is refusing to connect

Nairaclass.com says:

working one nice post

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