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Wow! So you want to learn blogging uh? Ok that’s good but I must tell you that blogging is fun but not easy. It may also interest you to know that people like me are making good money from blogging but like I said, it’s not very easy.
Alright I am not trying to scare you or discourage you but I have to tell you the truth. That not withstanding, let’s go into the business.

We are about to begin the lecture so sip your juice a little and give me your attention.
This book is intended to teach you all the basic things you need to know about blogging. By the time you are through with this book, you should be able to build your very own blog and maintain it.
So if you are set let’s pick our first topic.


A blog is simply a website where it owners constantly post useful information relating to a particular niche so that visitors can easily get information about something. Over the years, there have been repeated questions as regards to whether there is any difference between a blog and a website. Well, I can say there is no much difference between the two terms. However, the only good difference I can tell of is that a blog is just like a fragment of a website. In fact, the word blog is a
Shortened form of weblog. So as you may know, in English language, the word log talks about a piece of something and therefore, weblog means a piece of a web.
All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Another difference between a website and a weblog is that most weblogs has a niche. In blogging, a niche is simply an area of concentration. For example, some weblogs discuss dating, others business, others technology and so on.


Well we have seen what a blog actually means and the next thing is to prepare for the tax ahead and that entails knowing what and what you need to start your blogging carrier.

In an honest sense, starting a blog is not a big deal but the ‘big deal’ is maintaining your blog. So to start your very own blog you need the following:

1.    Good determination.
2.    Little computer and at times web design knowledge.
3.    Access to a computer and/or a GPRS enabled phone.
4.    Great love for writing.
5.    Patience
So let us look discuss each of the items above.

Good Determination

Every journey in life that will become successful must begin with a good determination. So also is bloging. Every successful blogger you find today must have gone through enough drilling (not a military drill though).
Before starting your blog, you must be prepared to sacrifice some certain things like your sleep. In fact as I am typing this tutorial many have gone far in their sleep but my determination to become a renowned blogger is still keeping me awake.

Making good research is an essential ingredient in the blogging world so you must also be ready to make good research so as to have what to write on your blog.

Little Computer And At Times Web Design Knowledge.

Well in blogging, computer knowledge is very essential reason being that there are times when you will need to use a computer to be able to do some things. Also, having little knowledge of web design is an added advantage. Remember that we have earlier said that a website and a weblog is almost same so there is no way you will maintain your blog properly without a little knowledge on web design. Although these days, there are many newbie bloggers who don’t know a thing about web design but the bitter truth they don’t know is some day, they MUST learn web design if they must be called successful bloggers.

Access To A Computer And/Or A GPRS Enabled Phone.

Well since you are dealing with the internet, you will need an access to it. If you have a PC at home, you can easily connect to the internet using a modem or any mobile phone that can be used to browse the internet.
If however you don’t have a PC at home, then you will need to patronize a cyber café. I am not saying you will always visit a café; your phone can be used to update your blog and even do some designing. Well, I started blogging without a personal computer, all I had then was a Nokia 2700 yet I was enjoying my blogging as if I had a Pc.

Great Love For Writing

Writing quality and unique articles is one of the major ingredients in blogging. Before starting a blog, you will really need to find out from “you” if you love writing always. If the answer is yes then you are good to go.


Every successful blogger you find in the world must indeed be a patient man. Yes it is true that most of us make good money from blogging but I tell you the truth, if you jump into blogging expecting to start making money in a couple of days, I am afraid but you will end up in frustration because really you won’t make a dime. So making good money from blogging is a gradual process but when the money starts pumping you will be astonished.

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