Friday, March 2, 2012

Ubuntu for Android - A Full Ubuntu Desktop, On Your Docked Android Phone

Ubuntu for Android - A Full Ubuntu Desktop, On Your Docked Android Phone
I have a great news for both Ubuntu & Android lovers. Canonical has announced a new product called Ubuntu for Android that will bring the popular Linux distribution to high-end Android smartphones. The product consists of a complete Ubuntu desktop experience that is intended to be installed on the device alongside the standard Android environment. Users will be able to run Ubuntu from their phone when they plug the device into a dock that connects to a keyboard and monitor. The underlying concept is similar to that of the WebTop environment that Motorola ships on the Atrix handset and other devices.
The new Ubuntu variant runs on top of the Android kernel and is designed to work well on devices with dual-core ARM CPUs. Unlike Motorola's Ubuntu-based WebTop environment, Ubuntu for Android brings a much more complete desktop stack with a number of popular applications. It also provides more comprehensive integration with the Android environment on the user's phone. The default application stack includes the Chromium Web browser, the Thunderbird e-mail client, the Gwibber social networking program, the VLC video player, and a selection of other software. The environment includes a unified contact system that will make the user's Android address book fully accessible in the Ubuntu environment. It can also detect the social network accounts that the user has configured in Android and automatically enable them in Gwibber. Further details can be found Here

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